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As a United Agent, Capitol Services offers nothing but the best in quality service whether you are moving from Windsor to Danbury or within the same suburb. From business moves involving electronics and storage to residential moving of your most delicate items, Capitol Services offers a variety of options.

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Are you considering a move to Glastonbury? If so, Capitol Services can help. Capitol has a firm policy about residential moves. For over 40 years Capitol has been one of the top moving companies in the area, moving families, not homes. From the smallest items to the most delicate but heavy pieces of furniture, families are guaranteed that their items will arrive safely and on time with Capitol.

If you have never been to Glastonbury, your first trip there shouldn’t be stressful. Leave the moving to the professionals and take the time to visit some of the sights you will enjoy regularly. For example, you may want to sign up at the Diamond Lake Property Owners Association if you are buying a place in Diamond Lake. Perhaps you are planning the move to coincide with the Apple Harvest Festival. Why not make a trip to the festival to meet some locals and start your new living situation with some community fun?

If you prefer to mix historical value with water, take the family on a ferry trip. Glastonbury boasts a ferry from Rock Hill to Glastonbury, allowing you to take in the scenic view as you enjoy the gentle, soothing ride. Why historical? Because there isn’t an older working ferry in the entire United States. Riding on this piece of history is a great way to ease into your new life.

Relocate Your Glastonbury Corporate Office

Are you a business owner looking to change locations? Do you need local movers, cross-country movers, or warehousing options? Not all moving companies offer all that and more. Maybe you are looking for a better place or you need more room. The last thing you want to worry about while such big changes are happening is moving office supplies and equipment without relying on your employees. At the same time, you don’t want to stop what your business is doing to allow time for settling in and moving.

Capitol Services can help your corporation significantly reduce the time spent on the move with local movers or long-distance ones. We even offer warehousing options. On top of that, our moving company doesn’t let just any employee handle delicate corporate supplies. Instead, they focus on employees who are devoted to quality service. Those are the employees who will be moving or warehousing your items.

You won’t even have to deal with all of the long-distance or local movers. One coordinator from Capitol Services will be assigned to work with your from start to finish. You don’t have to worry about mixed messages or reviewing the same materials with multiple people. Just one person will walk you through the entire process from the very beginning until and even beyond dropping off the very last item.

How can Capitol ensure every employee will provide you with the best service? It’s just a little something in the way of competition and accountability. See, every move ends with a survey so customers can share their opinions as soon as the job is complete. It won’t be ignored if you’re upset about something that happened. If you’re pleased with everything and want to share this information, you’re welcome to do so. Employees are rewarded for quality service, so they like to do their job to the best of their ability.

If the only thing stopping you from taking your company to a new location so it can grow and thrive is the idea of moving everything in your office, it’s time to make a call to Capitol Services.

Making a Cross-Country Move to Glastonbury

Glastonbury residents know which moving company they can rely on for their moving and storage needs. As a soon-to-be resident yourself, we’ll use our relocation services to help get you here even if you need cross-country movers. Being a long-distance mover can be a heavy burden for a person, family, or business. It’s not as easy as just making a few trips across town. You must have all your ducks in a row and try to complete everything in one trip.

Our cross-country movers can help. We’ll move all your items in trucks with air ride systems, which means your possessions are in safe hands no matter how bumpy the roads may get. Our experienced long-distance movers will secure your items as they are loaded so you don’t have to worry about them getting shaken or broken along the way.

On top of helping you make this long-distance move, we’re one of the few moving companies that offer portable storage as well, a convenience most long-distance movers can’t live without. We’ll bring out a portable moving container you can load and arrange. When you’re ready, we’ll pick it up and move it to a new location. Those requiring long-distance movers can’t get options better than that!

Glastonbury Storage Options

Sometimes, you can’t take it all with you at once when you move. Maybe your Glastonbury move is temporary or maybe you don’t have the room for all the items that you own. Whatever the case may be, Capitol Services has storage options to help you resolve your issues.

You can store items at our facility, where things are monitored every hour of the day and night, or you can use portable storage options. Portable storage allows you to choose exactly where your items are stored, but you won’t have to buy any structure or worry about driving across town to a storage unit. Our units will be delivered to the place of your choosing, where all you need to do is load your items in it at your leisure. This gives you plenty of time to sort things out as you go.

You can even organize your Glastonbury portable storage, so all you need to do is walk in and grab what you need when you need it. This option gives you plenty of time to settle and put things where you want instead of rushing through the unpacking process.

A Bit About Glastonbury

If you have never been to Glastonbury, you’re in for a real treat. Whether you are moving here because of a change in job, education, or family, you’ll find that this area shares old-fashioned values without denying the need for technology in today’s world.

The name itself is based on Glastonbury, England, though it changed names a few times before the community settled on this one. Several strong industries got their start in this area and enormously impacted the world around them. This area even heavily influenced the American Revolution, keeping the town busy producing gunpowder to aid in the cause.

Although Glastonbury has old-fashioned values and a lean toward an appreciation for hard work, it holds a unique place in history when it comes to being ahead of the times. When Connecticut decided it was time to free the slaves, Glastonbury wasn’t in the following that made the drastic change. Why? Because the community members had freed their slaves 60 years before the state did.

During the Revolution, there was another significant move. Residents of the area offered up their homes to Yale so that classes could go on without interruption. One famous professor, Noah Webster, conducted classes here during and after the Revolution.

In a nutshell, that one action sums up the climate in this area. The people don’t wait for things to happen; they make them happen. History is preserved in things like the Ferry that still operates regularly, but time moves on, and so does progress. This is where the brand Aqua Velva was born.

Capitol Services Now and In the Future

When you get ready to make your move, be sure to contact Capitol Services. You can’t beat the quality, and you will appreciate the timely dedication and service options you’ll find. You are likely starting a new life or relocating a business. Shouldn’t you do so in a stress-free manner? You aren’t limited to moving and storage only in this area either. Though you aren’t likely moving or relocating a business to Glastonbury, England, we would still be honored to help. Capitol Services isn’t limited to the local area. In fact, Capitol operates on an international level, making relocation services easy to access for businesses and much simpler for people who want to relocate inside the US and even beyond. As a United Movers agent, Capitol Services has the experience and the resources to handle any move of any size or destination.

Before You Go

Before you make the actual move, don’t forget a few tips to make the transition much smoother than expected. Don’t forget; the goal is to move in a stress-free manner. That means taking care of a few things before you leave so you can relax and unpack at your leisure once you arrive.

  • Be sure to take photos of the place you are leaving to have a record in case of any potential issues. Even if you weren’t renting, it’s a good idea to have records so that you can prove how the house looked in case someone vandalizes it or other issues come up after you leave.
  • Put in a change of address so you can be sure to get your mail. Also, make sure your creditors know where you are moving so there is no delay in any of your bills or updates.
  • Pack a bag full of supplies for the first couple of days. Don’t forget to include basic hygiene items, safety kits, financial items like credit cards and banking information, medications, and anything else you might need within the first couple of days.

It’s never truly easy to deal with moving and storage, but knowing you are going to a place like Glastonbury with the help of the United movers from Capitol Services should make things a bit easier on you and your family. Knowing that your items are in the hands of a moving company with a dedication to quality means that you can relax and leave the work to someone else. You don’t even have to worry about things like crate fees in some cases because Capitol uses padded blankets to protect your valuable items. When you want to work with a company that goes above and beyond, you don’t want other moving companies, you want to work with Capitol Services, a United movers Agent.


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