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While any move is stressful, a commercial move can be considerably more so due to the increased size and tight timelines. Not only is moving a commercial property so much more extensive than moving to another house, but the whole process must be completed in a rapid but careful fashion. After all, time is money, and more complications inevitably mean more time away from providing your vital service. When you have Capitol Relocation & Logistics by your side, however, you can rest assured that our certified move coordinators and technicians will be able to accomplish this feat with great effectiveness and efficiency.

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Reach out to us now at (860) 579-6377 to discover how our Hartford commercial movers can keep your productivity levels up and your costs down.

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We’ve been moving homes and businesses for years and we’re happy to share some tips. Check out our blog to learn more about how you can make your next move your best move.


Reach out to us now at (860) 579-6377 to discover how our Hartford commercial movers can keep your productivity levels up and your costs down.

Take Advantage of Our Full Commercial Moving Services

When you are moving your entire business, you will want our team of Hartford commercial movers to help you move smoothly and efficiently so that you and your company do not lose valuable time that could be spent on running your business. Contact our expert commercial relocation services for the help you and your business need.
Some of the excellent advantages that you can count on with our comprehensive plans for moving commercial enterprises include:
“I was very impressed with the service. Everyone was very nice and helpful. I am very happy with Capitol Moving and Storage.”


Our Capitol team is highly trained to handle any job that comes our way. We understand the meaning of quality work that’s defined by care. We make sure to do it right!

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For many businesses, transportation and warehousing costs are a significant part of the budget. Your business can benefit from logistics consulting whether you are experiencing a growth spurt or regrouping and scaling down. With proper logistics planning you can anticipate and avoid the many costly mistakes that result from poor, or even worse, no planning. Logistics planning can also give you an edge over your competition by allowing you to fill customer needs more effectively.

We Offer Logistics Consulting

Simply put, logistics planning is the process of analyzing your storage and transportation needs, then preparing a plan that will fulfill those needs in the most efficient, cost-effective, and safe manner.
Consulting with professionals at Capitol Relocation & Logistics who have expertise in logistics planning will help to find the best solutions for your business. Our logistics experts have the experience to look at your business workflow to determine the best strategy to give you competitive and cost-saving advantages. Some of your business needs are unique, but all businesses that process, warehouse, and transport products of any kind are bound by some of the same concerns: storage space, asset management, and efficient, cost-effective transportation.
The many services we provide allow us to help you manage storage and movement of your products and facilities from start to finish. Whether you need domestic or international transportation, commercial packing, record storage or airfreight forwarding, we handle it all. Let our professional consultants analyze your business needs and assist in deciding the plan that will answer your needs!

We Implement Easy Organization Strategies

One of the most frustrating aspects of moving is that once everything has been transported, it is still a major mess trying to sort every object into its new designated location, let alone set it up in its proper arrangement. To prevent this chaos, our team of Hartford commercial movers will make sure that every object, whether it is a piece of electrical equipment or structural compartment, is color-coded and labeled, as well as marked with a unique code of identification.
With these affixed labels, it is easy to keep a comprehensive inventory of all of your items, and you will be able to easily find them in their new, designated locations. Now, you will no longer have to waste time searching for critical equipment but can take advantage of the fact that they will be ready to go from the outset.

We Provide Personalized Project Management

An aspect that sets us apart from the competition is that we always provide experienced project managers to assist you throughout the entire journey. You do not need to worry about the enormous task of leading the packing process, having to explain or redirect technicians with individual instructions. Our talented managers will make sure that your schedule is not disrupted, smoothly controlling the individual tasks of organization, packing, transport, unpacking, and setting up equipment. Let our commercial relocation team make your move hassle-free with our innovative management teams.

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We know that you're preparing for change and we properly prepare to provide the best work possible. Our crew members undergo a 30 hours United Van Lines certification program, covering all aspects of packing and moving.


You have enough moving parts as you prepare to move your life somewhere new. We understand the value of your time & things so we are committed to providing the highest level of care and quality.


With more than 60 years of experience, Capitol Moving has built a foundation on trust and we are committed to transparency, honesty, and communicative service as you prepare for the big change in your future.