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Tips For Moving House Plants Long Distance

By Capitol Moving & Storage

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moving houseplants

Here’s the situation… you have poured countless hours into feeding, watering, and caring for your plants around the house… and now it’s time to move.

While not everyone in the house might appreciate your vegetation, they are certainly benefitting from it. Studies have shown how house plants are good for both your physical and mental health.

Needless to say, your house plants mean a lot to you and you want to make sure they arrive to your new place in good condition.

Learn the Laws of Moving Plants Long Distance

It is important to start by getting schooled on the ability to move companies to be involved in relocating your house plants. Unfortunately, there are certain laws, regulations, and liabilities that might not allow a moving company to transport your live vegetation.

Leave Space to Breath

Piling plants on top of one another or on top of people can put their safe arrival in jeopardy. Instead, space them out while making sure the pots and planters are secured so they will not tip over along the way. This can be tricky, but plastic storage bins of various sizes tend to work well.

Depending on how far you are transporting your plants, it may also be necessary to have a spotter with you. A family member or friend will need to keep an eye on the plants to ensure they are not too wet or too dry.

Being in an enclosed space on a hot and sunny day can be dangerous for plants. You need to consider how that type of environment causes water to evaporate more quickly and can dry out the soil. Use the climate control options to manage conditions as best you can.

Prepare Plants Before Packing Up

Avoid putting plants either in the trunk of a car or the bed of a pickup truck. The wind in the back of the truck and the stifling air of the trunk can cause damage to your plants while in transit. Also, remove any dead leaves and spot check for pests so that your plants will arrive in the best shape possible.

A professional and experienced moving company like Capitol Relocation & Logistics can provide more great tips for moving house plants safely. Call Capitol Relocation & Logistics at (860) 579-6377 or use the online contact form to request more info today!