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Eight Fun And Creative Moving Hacks You Would Never Think Of

By Capitol Moving & Storage

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Relocating tends to be an experience people would not categorize as fun. However, there are ways that you can incorporate fun into the process and even make the move a little easier on yourself!

People have learned to get very creative and those facing an impending move can learn from others who have gone before them. Consider and enjoy some of these hacks you would never have thought of on your own.

The Kitchen Can Be Tricky

To save space in your boxes and use them wisely around the kitchen, fill pots and pans with your spices. Now, you can pour the spices directly into the pan for extra efficiency (ha), but we suggest you just keep them in their separate containers for now.

This is especially helpful if you have mismatched pots that do not neatly stack. Wrapping the pots with plastic after you have loaded the spices and put the lid on them provides an extra seal of protection against spillage!

That same plastic wrap can be used to cover silverware dividers, rather than packing up all of your knives, forks, and spoons separately. This saves you some time on both packing and unpacking.

Other clever hacks around the kitchen include packing unsheathed knives inside oven mits and stemware in socks—you decide if you want to use clean or dirty socks. A pack of rubber bands will go a long way in securing both the oven mits and socks after loading them up.

Get Creative with What You Have

Packing cubes are all the rage currently and you probably have some packing cubes stuffed in the back of your linen closet already. They are not actually packing cubes—they are the clear pack your comforter came in and they make for a great way to pack clothes up tightly!

Stuffing slippers and shoes with small items turn them into protective packing cubes as well. This is another example of using every possible open space to transport your belongings. Leave no space empty!

From using pool noodles for protecting the sides of hanging frames to packing jewelry in egg cartons, get creative and have fun packing your home.

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