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Handyman Jobs To Tackle Before Even Moving In

By Capitol Moving & Storage

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So, you closed on a new home and now you are ready to move in… sort of. Actually, you would really like for some work to be done on the place, but you can always knock it out later, right? Wrong!

This tends to be our thought process when we relocate, but the reality is we get too busy with life to get back around to those projects we had in mind when we purchased a new home.

The truth is there is no better time than before we even move in to knock out the jobs we want in our new home. There are some projects that especially rise to the top of this list that homeowners should consider.

Under Your Feet Should Be on Top of Your List

The first job to tackle before moving in is flooring.

You never know what smells or stains were covered over in an attempt to move the home that may appear down the road. Not only does your new home likely need new flooring, but there will never be a better opportunity to get it done.

The cost will go up down the road, especially if it involves moving furniture in and out of spaces in order to accommodate the installation. Between new floors and a fresh coat of paint, there is no better way to make your new place truly yours from day one.

Messy Jobs Go First

Other finishes you should consider tackling before moving in are those that will be most helpful and make the most mess. Although they are becoming rarer and rarer since the trend finally died a slow death several decades ago, removing popcorn ceilings are a job that should be handled prior to moving in.

This avoids cleaning nasty dust and particles from all over your treasured possessions indefinitely.

Two other jobs to keep in mind involve families with young children and a need for organization. Both childproofing the new home and having closets remodeled for your specific needs will go a long way to saving you trouble down the road.

Once you have your place perfectly ready for move-in, make sure you have chosen a reputable moving company with credible experience like Capitol Relocation & Logistics. Call Capitol Relocation & Logistics at (860) 579-6377 or get in touch online to request more information on relocating today!