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Getting A Jump On The Spring Housing Market

By Capitol Moving & Storage

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Selling house in spring

If you have bought or sold a house before, you probably remember that winter tends to be a bit more of a slow period in the housing market.  The holidays take priority, and while attention is focused on celebrating, family and spending, some markets—including the housing market—slow down at least a little.  But, just as the holiday season does not last forever, neither does the winter housing season.  For those of you who are considering buying or selling a property in the next few months, Capitol Moving & Storage recommends thinking now about getting a jump on the spring housing market.

If you are thinking of selling your house, now is the perfect time to begin preparing your house so that you will be ready to list it at the peak time for selling in the spring.  In most housing markets across the country, houses are selling fast. If you are planning to buy or sell, you will want to be ready to make a move quickly to maximize the current housing market.

Declutter and Store Items you do not Need

You can begin to get a jump on the spring housing market by doing some pre-spring cleaning.  Consider starting with one room and donating old clothes and children’s toys that your kids have outgrown; recycle items that can be recycled and trash items that cannot be recycled. Getting rid of belongings that are no longer needed often gives sellers the energy to move from one room to another. If you have lived in your home for a long period of time, you may want to consider putting some of your belongings into storage, to show how spacious and clean your home can look for another family.

Organize and Clean

As you identify the items that you no longer need, you will likely discover the need to organize the belongings that you plan to take with you. This process may overlap with your discarding and recycling process in that you will likely come across older documents and paperwork—some examples include tax information, loan documents, credit card statements, and birth certificates—that you will need to reconcile. You may want to scan the most important documents, which may allow you to shred the hard copies, thus saving space.

Other popular steps to take to get your home ready for the housing market including painting interior walls, depersonalize your home (take down pictures, etc.) so that someone else can envision themselves in your home, complete a professional, deep clean and make sure that all lamps and lights work so that when your house is shown, there is ample light.

Sell your Home Quickly this Spring

Getting a jump on the spring housing market will look slightly different for everyone.  When you are ready to list your house, be prepared for it to sell fast, and when it does sell, count on Capitol Relocation & Logistics to get you where you are going. Call us at (860) 579-6377 to learn more about our moving services.