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Using Augmented Reality To Decorate A New Home

By Capitol Moving & Storage

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There is a very new and very cool way to begin thinking about where furniture or décor will go best in your new home! A technology that used to be reserved for science fiction films is now finding its way into the mainstream for a variety of practical purposes. Professional designers and everyday homeowners are using augmented reality to place belongings and decorations in spaces without ever having to step foot inside.

There are many benefits to no longer having to rely on your mind’s eye to imagine your possessions in a new space. Several apps are currently available to download and put to use for this purpose. From choosing paint colors to no longer having to measure for fit, AR (as it is known) gives anyone the ability to see changes made to a space without the fuss or cost of trial and error.

Augmented Reality Eliminates the Need for Samples

Paint manufacturers like Sherwin-Williams and online retailers like Wayfair are giving away apps that customers can use to design their new space. These apps use the camera on your phone or tablet to view an item virtually in the space you would put it. You can then tell how a chair or paint color will look and fit in the room on your device’s screen.

Other apps developed by professionals allow more advanced users to design their entire homes virtually. You can input all your belongings and place them in the perfect spot before ever arriving to the new place. For those who are especially tech-savvy, adding a set of virtual reality goggles to the mix can give you an even better feel for being in the space!

Augmented Reality Makes Designing Much More Convenient

One of the greatest benefits to using an augmented reality app to place furniture or decorate a space is the ability to match colors and find pieces that compliment what you are working with currently without ever leaving the comfort of your home. This means no more painting multiple colors on the wall or racing to and from home goods stores all over town hoping to find a match.

Once you’ve experienced the magical benefits of augmented reality to place new and existing pieces around your newly purchased home, an experienced mover like Capitol Relocation & Logistics will help get your belongings there safely! Call Capitol Relocation & Logistics at (860) 579-6377 or use our online contact form to request more information on the many moving services we provide.