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Dealing With Rodents Before And After A Move

By Capitol Moving & Storage

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Rat in home

Let’s just all state the obvious and get it out of the way: Ewwww! Now that we’ve named it for what it is, we can start to deal with the issue at hand. No one wants to think about having rodents around the house but ignoring them definitely doesn’t make them go away. In fact, the less we deal with them, the more at home they make themselves.

Rodents can be more than just a nuisance; they can also be dangerous. They often carry bacteria and diseases that can be harmful to humans sharing the same quarters. Fortunately, there are some steps any homeowner can take to safely and humanly rid their home of rodents.

Removing Rodents Starts with Finding Rodents

There are several signs that indicate you have a rodent problem. Finding fresh droppings, gnaw marks on packaging in the pantry, foul odors, and scratch marks around the bottom of walls or floorboards most likely means you have critters milling about. The first step in ridding your home of rodents is finding their nest.

Some rodents are climbers and find their way into attics, rafters, or shelving throughout the home while others make their way along the bottom of walls and crawlspaces. If you are unable to locate their living quarters, place traps in multiple locations throughout the home.

Traps are the Easiest DIY Solution

Traps are a relatively inexpensive means of dealing with rodents. There are snap traps and live traps. They all come in different sizes so make sure to choose the right one for the rodent you are trying to trap. Live traps provide an opportunity for rats, mice, or other vermin to be trapped inside without a way of escaping and can be used more than once.

Inspecting traps regularly allows a homeowner to release the rodent before it dies inside the trap. Placing bait within live traps will pique the rodent’s curiosity and make them more effective. There are specific baits made for traps that can be purchased in stores and online, but dry pet food tends to be a very attractive bait that also works well.

The more clutter you have around the home, the more places for rodents to hide and the more belongings for them to destroy. Putting unused possessions in a clean and safe storage facility like Capitol Relocation & Logistics will decrease the hiding space for rodents in your home. Call Capitol Relocation & Logistics at (860) 579-6377 or use our online contact form to request more information on utilizing storage to make space in your home or office.