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How To Vote Following A Move

By Capitol Moving & Storage

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So, despite all the craziness of 2020, you decided to go ahead and mix things up even more with a recent relocation. There are lots of reasons we might make a move and there are also lots of to-do’s that accompany them. Some of these tasks can easily fall to the bottom of the list when not front and center.

Making sure you are registered to vote in your new town is one of those tasks that might not feel as important as some others. This year, however, you could end up regretting not handling the logistics of switching your registration before it’s too late. Don’t let a recent move keep you from your civic duty.

Updating your registration is probably easier than you think. Learn all you need to know below and get set up to be able to make a difference in your new community.

The Internet Is Your Friend When Learning How to Update Your Voter Registration

Fortunately, voting is still relatively easy for those who want to complete a ballot. The key is knowing the specific requirements for the state in which you now reside. Some states, counties, and cities may specify that you have lived in the new location for at least 30 days prior to the election.

Other locations, however, offer same-day registration for voting. This means you can register on Election Day at the polls by providing proof of residence. Understanding the requirements for when and how to register is as easy as a quick Google search. How to vote, powered by Democracy Works, provides all the info you need and includes step-by-step guides.

If Returning Home, You Have Options

Young people who have moved home to flee pandemic hot spots or college students new to town still have the ability to vote in their previous district. If you plan to return to your prior residence from where you recently moved, then your existing registration is valid.

The local election board can verify your registration status and help you register to vote if need be. If you do not plan to return to your previous place of residence, then updating your voter registration with a new address is vital to prepare for Election Day. A new registration card with an updated address will determine your new location.

If you are planning to move between now and the election, a reputable moving company like Capitol Relocation & Logistics can take care of getting your belongings to the new place on time and in good condition so you can focus on updating your voter registration. Call Capital Moving & Storage at (860) 579-6377 or use out online contact form to request more information on how we can help make moving day a breeze.