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Meeting New People In Your New Neighborhood

By Capitol Moving & Storage

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Moving is an extremely busy time. Once you get your belongings into your new home and you can catch your breath, you may want to turn your attention to meeting new people in your neighborhood. Meeting your neighbors is a great way to help you feel settled into your new home and connected to the new community. Here are some tips for meeting new people in your new neighborhood:

Common Tips to Get to Know Your New Neighbors

  1. Explore the new area on foot or on a bike: Even though you may not feel like it after the move, spend time outdoors in your new neighborhood. This can mean eating on your front porch, taking a walk around the block, doing yardwork or even biking. You will come into contact with your new neighbors in an informal way, start to see familiar faces and feel a part of your new community.
  2. Host a housewarming party: Once you have unpacked, invite new (and old) neighbors over for a housewarming party. You can make it clear that you do not expect gifts, but that you just want to connect. A drop-in housewarming party can be a great way to meet new neighbors who may not spend as much time outdoors.
  3. Get involved in your new neighborhood: Your neighborhood may have a neighborhood watch or homeowners association and getting involved early can connect you with others.
  4. Help your kids meet other kids their age: If you have children, you likely want to make their transition to the new neighborhood as smooth as possible. Reaching out to other families with kids that are of similar age can help your kids adjust more easily. When you schedule playdates, this will also give you an opportunity to connect with the parents, so it is a win/win!
  5. Push yourself to begin conversations: It can be difficult to feel comfortable making conversation with people you do not know but putting yourself out there can yield positive results long term.

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