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Choosing Schools From A Distance

By Capitol Moving & Storage

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Moving is stressful for many different reasons. One of the most difficult aspects of a move can be ensuring that you move into a home where you believe that the schools will be a good fit for your children. Choosing schools from a distance is challenging, but you can successfully research and find a strong new school for your kids. Finding the right schools can depend greatly on your kid’s ages, needs, interests and academic background. Here are some tips for choosing schools from a distance:

How to Choose Schools From a Distance

  1. Define the most important characteristics of a school for your child: Each child is different, and each school is different. So, gathering a list of characteristics that are essential for your child and your family will help you narrow your choices down and make the best possible decision. If you are struggling to determine what is best for your child, ask their current teacher(s) for ideas.
  2. Investigate school and housing options together: So, not only are you choosing your school from a distance, but you may also need to find your new home in that same area so that you are eligible to attend. So, try to narrow your search for schools and homes at the same time so that you can determine whether you can find a home in your price range in the school district you are looking at.
  3. Make personal connections in the areas you are seriously considering: Reach out to neighbors in the areas you are looking and even ask schools to give you parent contacts so that you can ask specific questions about the schools you are considering.
  4. Do your online research: There are many excellent resources online that provide important information about your school’s ratings, test scores and course options. Keep in mind that these are only a snapshot of any school but can be helpful as you gather a full picture.
  5. Contact the schools directly: When you narrow down your search to several schools, consider reaching out and speaking with the principal, a teacher and/or administrator. This can give you a real flavor for the culture of the school.
  6. Have a back-up plan: Try not to get your heart set on one single school. Develop a list of 2-3 schools that you think are good fits for your kids so that if you cannot find housing in proximity to your first choice, you can look more closely at your second or third choice.

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