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The Benefits Of Moving To A Walkable City

By Capitol Moving & Storage

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Choosing where you and your family live is becoming a privilege for more and more Americans. According to US News & World Report, some of the best jobs that can be done remotely are an accountant, market analyst, actuary, network architect, and IT systems administrator with even more jobs joining the list every year.

The benefits of living in a walkable city when working remotely include saving money on gas and car maintenance, as well as a healthier lifestyle. Spending just an hour each day walking or riding a bike, rather than sitting in your car, can reduce your risk of death by nearly 20%. A lower risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes are some of the greatest perks of stepping your way around.

Walkable Cities Have Typically Been Big Cities

More and more municipalities are prioritizing walking as a primary means of getting around. For example, it was 10 years ago that New York City demonstrated their commitment to pedestrians by closing the streets around Times Square entirely and it has really paid off. The real estate broker, Redfin, has named New York City as the most walkable city in the United States this year.

The rest of the top 10 include San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, Miami, Chicago, Washington DC, Seattle, Oakland, and Long Beach, CA. Baltimore used to hold the number 10 spot until Long Beach jumped ahead of the Maryland city four years ago.

Smaller Communities are Developing Walkable Neighborhoods

Obviously the most walkable cities published in reports are some of the largest metropolitan cities in the country. However, smaller markets are an option if big city living isn’t for you. Cities in the Midwest and the South are following the lead of larger cities on either coast in how they are developing new property.

You can find smaller walkable communities that include grocery stores, restaurants, retail shops, residential units, and recreational areas in developments like Baxter Village in Fort Mill, SC. Many of these communities include schools for kids, libraries, and amenities like fitness facilities conveniently located in walkable distances from where people live.

Larger cities provide the opportunity for commuters to live within walking or biking distance from their office. However, with more and more employees setting up shop in their homes, getting to an office is less of a need. This allows for more families to take advantage of walkable communities away from the big cities.

When you are considering a move to a walkable city, an experienced moving company like Capitol Relocation & Logistics can ensure your belongings make it there safely. Call Capitol Relocation & Logistics at (860) 579-6377 or use our online contact form to request more info on relocating to a walkable city.