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Why Diy Moves Often Cost More Than You Think

By Capitol Moving & Storage

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When the time comes to move to a new house, many people are tempted to ‘do it themselves’ – i.e. to hire a van, load their valuable stuff into it, drive it to their new location and unload all their possessions into their new home. The main reason people do this is that they think they will be saving money by not hiring the services of a professional team of home movers.

In truth, you’re probably not going to save even a cent if you do this, and your DIY move may end up costing you more than hiring the professionals. Here’s why:

You Pay the Price for a DIY Move When Things Go Wrong

It may sound easy, loading a van with your stuff and driving it elsewhere, but it isn’t. Sure, it may feel easy at the start, but you and whatever help you’ve gathered will soon grow fatigued, and tired people lose concentration and make mistakes.

You may not miss a vase that gets smashed or a book that gets torn, but what if someone drops your widescreen TV, or something of immense personal value is destroyed? Is it worth the risk?

If you get your friends and family to help you with your move then there’s always the chance they will injure themselves and then face medical bills. As they are helping you with your move, they may look to you to cover their medical expenses, which will likely cost more than hiring a moving company!

A DIY Move WILL Cost You More Than You Think!

It might not cost much to rent a van, but when you factor in all the other considerations, it’s perhaps not as cheap as you think. You have to add on fuel, equipment rentals such as trailers, boxes, packing, tape … it soon adds up!

Plus, what if you are going to move on a weekday and have to take time off work? It’s another financial consideration.

With a professional moving company your move comes ‘all in’ so you don’t have to worry about all those tiny hidden extras.

Don’t Take the Risk and Don’t Get Stressed – Let the Pros Handle Your Move

Why take the risk of moving home yourself when you can get the professionals to do it for you? If you want the services of an expert residential and commercial moving company, then please contact us here at Capitol Relocation & Logistics. You can contact us at (860) 579-6377 or use our online contact form.