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Tips When Researching Schools In A New Area

By Capitol Moving & Storage

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Moving new school

One key aspect of a home move that is usually missed is research into the schools in any potential new neighborhood. Even if you do not have children you should explore schools in the area. If that doesn’t make sense, then allow us to explain.

If you do have school age children then of course researching schools is a complete no-brainer. You will want the best for your children, as their education is crucial and the foundation for the rest of their lives. But why should you research local schools if you are a childless couple who have no plans to have children, or your children have completed their schooling and left home?

Good school = good local environment = better valued real estate

The answer is surprising simple. Take two houses, which we will call House A and House B. They are identical in every way – rooms, bathrooms, age, condition … everything. They differ in one way only – House A is in an area with good schools, and House B is in an area with poor schools. As a result, House A is much more attractive than House B, and therefore is more valuable.

So, how do you research schools in a new area? Here are a few tips:

Work with your realtor

No one will know more about your local area than your realtor. Make sure you ask them about the local schools in your potential new area. Do not allow your research to end there, though – remember your realtor will always push you to complete a sale.

Ask around and look online

As the saying goes, it never hurts to ask. Most schools have some kind of parental association that you can contact to talk with someone who has children at the school. There are online resources too such as the National Center for Education Statistics, SchoolDigger and GreatSchools.

Visit the school(s)

You don’t have to have a child to go and schedule an appointment with a school. By visiting local schools, you can get a real feel about how the schools operate.

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