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Should You Provide Corporate Relocation Assistance? Is It Worth The Cost?

By Capitol Moving & Storage

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Corporate relocation

For any company to thrive, it needs the best people. Finding the best people though, can be an issue. What happens though if you headhunt the perfect person for a position, but your company is based in Philadelphia, and they currently live in Ottawa? They don’t wish to commute, they don’t want to face the cost of relocation, but you really want them to join your company. What are your options?

Basically, you only have two choices – allow them to work remotely, or provide corporate relocation Corporate Relocation Services assistance. Here we weigh up the pros and cons of both options.

Remote work – are there any benefits?

Remote working is not taking off as much as the experts predicted it would do. Many company bosses like to know what their employees are doing at all times, which is difficult if they are not in the office. It’s not a question of trust, it’s a question of engagement. For most companies, the benefits of an office environment are simple to understand. If people are working together in the same office, then they are more likely to feel engaged with what that are doing.

Surveys have been undertaken that suggest that as many as 66 percent of remote working employees do not feel engaged with their jobs. It is not that they are actively trying to be disengaged – most respondents said they simply felt more engaged if there existed a distinct barrier between their home life and their working life.

Corporate relocation assistance – a price worth paying?

If you genuinely wish to recruit the very best talent, then you should not get cold feet if a prospective employee asks for corporate relocation assistance. After all, they’ve already demonstrated their commitment to their new role by expressing a willingness to relocate in the first place. If they are willing to do that, then you should be willing to help them.

In addition, if you are willing to provide corporate relocation assistance it will display an impressive commitment when you are trying to recruit the best people for your business, making working for you an attractive proposition.

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