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How To Stay More Organized During Your Move

By Capitol Moving & Storage

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House declutter

Planning a move soon? No matter what personality type you may be, organization is essential for every move, big or small. Whether you are moving an entire company or moving your kid’s room from across the hall, staying on top of your organization will make your move go a lot smoother in the long run. At Capitol Relocation & Logistics, we want to help you stay more organized during your move this year!

Declutter the Clutter

It doesn’t matter if you own one of those tiny little homes or a mansion on a hill, there’s likely some items that you can live without. The first step in staying more organized during your move is always going to be letting some of your belongings go. If you are moving into a new space and planning on new decor, go ahead and deal with the existing things that you aren’t going to need. Sell them, donate them or throw them away! Prioritizing your needs helps with all of those junk boxes during the move and helps you focus on where things will go when it comes time to pack up and get out of there.

Group Items Together

When it is time to actually do the packing, it’s important to have a generalized idea of where things will eventually go. Will the same items that are in the existing room all be grouped together in a new room after the move? Keeping common rooms and items together makes for an easier time unpacking. Knowing where belongings are when you need them is always a real plus!

Label Everything

It doesn’t matter if you are a type A personality or a laid back, go-with-the-flow personality, labeling is essential for any move. First, you need to know where things are in case you randomly need something right away. Second, you need to know where items that are packed away should go. Lastly, if you don’t know whether or not it’s breakable, others helping you move might think it’s expendable. Labeling everything precisely helps you stay more organized during your move and brings about sanity in an otherwise chaotic time.

Wanting to learn more about organization during your move? At Capitol Relocation & Logistics, we are your experts when it comes to all things moving related. For over sixty years, we have been providing our customers with quality, professional moving services that alleviate the stress that relocating always brings. For more information or to get a free estimate from our team of moving experts, give us a call today at (860) 579-6377.