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How To Stay Organized Unpacking In Your New Home

By Capitol Moving & Storage

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With boxes upon boxes everywhere in your new home, staying organized is essential to keep you from feeling overwhelmed. Breaking the process down into simple steps makes it all seem more manageable. Making consistent progress unpacking is the key to a seamless transition in your new place.

Before You Even Move, Label Your Boxes

Organized unpacking starts before you transport your items from your old space. Properly labeling where your boxes belong and roughly what’s in them will save you a substantial amount of time and stress when settling in.

Clean Everything

Before starting the process of unpacking, clean everything in the rooms. You’ll likely pick up quite a significant amount of dust and dirt that was either there before you moved in or was brought in during your move.

Unpack the Essentials First

Getting all your necessary day-to-day items out first will help you settle in quickly after your arrival in your new place. This will allow you to unwind after the busy moving day and rest well before starting on the next phase of settling into your new space. These items typically include linens, toiletries, shower curtains, and a fresh change of clothes.

Unpack One Room at a Time

Completely organizing one room at a time can be much more rewarding than making some progress sporadically throughout your home. Prioritize the rooms that are most important to your daily life such as the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, or living room. What rooms should be done first varies based on your personal preferences since all your essentials have already been taken care of. For some people, they want to be able to cook right away; for others, they want to be able to escape to a comfortable living room to come together and relax with the family as soon as possible.

Create a Floor Layout Plan before Putting Furniture Together

Where your furniture will be placed determines how the rest of your room will be designed. If you made plans for where to place your furniture before moving, follow those; if not, now is the time to create them. Only after figuring out these details should you take the time assembling everything. Moving large pieces around everywhere could become exhausting otherwise.

Unpack with Intention

When unpacking always have a reason for why your placing items where you are. Take the time to make the space your own and plan where everything should go logically.

For a Seamless Transition, Hire Capitol Relocation & Logistics

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