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Make Your Office Movers Job Easier By Taking Care Of These Easy Tasks

By Capitol Moving & Storage

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If you find yourself having to move to a new office, it can be a lot easier to employ a moving team to make the job easier and less stressful. You want to make sure that the move goes as smoothly as possible so that you and your staff can get back to business as soon as possible. Here are some quick tips to help you better prepare for the upcoming move. You can make life a lot easier for your local moving company!

Make an Equipment and Electronics Checklist

Special office equipment and costly electronics are especially important. Your business needs these items to function on a daily basis. If you want to make things easier for your moving team, it’s a good idea to have a checklist in place for these items. This can help to avoid damage or risk loss because your moving team can keep track of your items and carefully make notes.

Pack Up Carefully…Ahead of the Team

Make your movers job easier by doing the packing well in advance of the move. If you’re not paying extra to have your moving company pack and move your belongings, you’ll want to be on top of this task. You should carefully box up everything so that there’s no risk of damage.

Label by Room and Have a Floor Plan

Another way you can make life easier for your moving team is by carefully labeling all items. It’s a good idea to label boxes by room so there is no confusion. You can also have a matching floor plan to guide your movers — this way everything is waiting for you in an organized fashion when you get to the new space.

Assign One Main Contact Person

You want to have one contact person in place in case your movers have questions. It can be confusing if there are multiple go-to people on moving day. Make sure that you designate one person to have this responsibility so questions and concerns can be addressed right away.

Keep Out of the Way

You can also make sure that you and your staff are well out of the way on moving day. This will allow the moving company to do their job faster and without distractions. Consider having your team meet up for breakfast on moving today to enjoy a special treat and prepare for their first day at the new office.

Moving to a new office doesn’t have to be stressful. Hire an experienced moving team like Capitol Relocation & Logistics so that the job gets done properly the first time. Be sure to take the above steps so that you can make life easier for everyone during your next corporate move!