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Do You Need Record Storage?

By Capitol Moving & Storage

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Record storage boxes

Chances are good that your company is required to retain certain documentation and data pertaining to daily business and/or client information. If your business is not legally required to retain records, then you may not already be fully aware of all the benefits of off-site records storage. This article will go over just some of the benefits to off-site record storage and hopefully help you determine whether or not off-site record storage is right for your company.

Are You Required To Retain Certain Records?

Is your company required to retain records? Examples of legally required records might be confidential client files in legal, medical, and financial offices, sales receipts, tax records, electronic data files, credit applications, and the list goes on. For many industries, there are a set number of years after which records can be destroyed. Off-site record storage facilities are there to handle the proper storage, organization, management, timely retrieval, and final destroying of your records.

Is Security An Issue?

In today’s ever-changing technological environment, a business can never be too careful when it comes to protecting their confidential and important data. Many offices aren’t equipped to store files in a properly secured environment. And many don’t fully understand what is necessary to prepare a fully secured storage environment. At Capitol Relocation & Logistics we offer some off-site record storage facilities with safely secured storage to give your company peace of mind.

Can Your Facility Afford The Extra Storage Space?

If your business is currently storing records on-site, could your business use that space for more productive processes? For many companies, real estate comes at a high price, and using every square foot of space will benefit the bottom line. If you do the math, you may be surprised to find that off-site storage pays, as opposed to on-site storage, which costs your company space and money.

Can Your Employees’ Time Be Better Spent?

Do you really want your employees to spend their hours and efforts away from their core purpose and business to organize and manage company records? Keep in mind, we’re referring to your company’s records that are no longer active, relevant, and necessary for the business at hand today, but those records that are heading to long-term storage and safe-keeping. It probably makes more sense to allow your employees to focus on the business at hand rather than file and manage years-old documents.

Might You Require Quick Access To Your Records?

You can easily find a record storage facility that offers 24-hour access, 365 days each year. Not only that but when you turn over your record storage to a professional storage site, your records are tracked for efficient and quick retrieval when you need them.

p>Capitol Relocation & Logistics Offers All This For Your Record Storage Needs

Centrally located in South Windsor, professionally managed and operated, a full fleet of equipment to transport your records and files for you, you’ll have a hard time finding a better qualified commercial storage facility ready to manage your record storage besides Capitol Relocation & Logistics. If you’re still not quite sure if record storage is for you, or if we can answer any of your other questions, please call us at (860) 579-6377.