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Learn Why Capitol Uses Moverescue To Help Protect You

By Capitol Moving & Storage

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Stop risky moves

Moving can be a stress filled and chaotic time. Rushing to find a mover can be a big mistake as there are fly-by-night dishonest movers out there who charge customers very large additional, and often hidden, fees after picking up the goods, and then refuse to release the goods until the fees are paid. These “rogue movers”, as they are called, are all too common. Over 3,000 cases of possible fraud from movers are reported annually. MoveRescue is dedicated to removing this problem by making sure every moving company abides by federal consumer regulations.

How Does MoveRescue Work?

In 2003, MoveRescue was created to assist consumers by providing information and managing a network of lawyers who are available to help in cases of fraud. A caller has several options available at no cost, including:

  • Explanation of federal rules and regulations and how they apply to your move
  • Information on how to find legitimate movers
  • Referrals to lawyers that handle transportation cases
  • Assistance in recoveries of your goods in some instances where goods are held hostage for fees, or abandoned
  • Provides resources to help you plan interstate moves

MoveRescue Collaborates With Other Agencies to Increase Its Effectiveness

To make its efforts stronger and more reachable, MoveRescue collaborates with state and federal agencies, including the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the Arizona Department of Weights and Measures.

Avoid Rogue Movers At All Cost

Your best defense is to be prepared before you make your mover choice. Find out from sources how reliable the company is that you are considering hiring for your next move. Check with Better Business Bureaus, look for experienced movers, and find out if the mover is affiliated with any professional organizations in the moving industry. Get multiple estimates, and never rely on a quote provided without an agent visiting on-site.

Use the resources for pre-move planning available at MoveRescue. If you feel you have been taken advantage of, then take action. Contact MoveRescue for assistance in taking the next step.

Capitol Relocation & Logistics Fully Supports MoveRescue

At Capitol, we are committed to making your move as smooth, efficient, and worry-free as possible. We have been a reliable, reputable, and customer oriented moving company for over fifty years. As part of that commitment, we endorse and support MoveRescue and its endeavors to eliminate “rogue movers” from our industry. Our customers are our number one priority.

For more information about MoveRescue, or to set up an appointment for a free estimate, contact us via email at, or call us toll free at (860) 579-6377 today.