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Hiring The Right Corporate Movers In Hartford CT

By Capitol Moving & Storage

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If your company is looking to move locations you likely understand that you have a tough job ahead of you. Depending on how long your company has been in existence, moving to a new location can be a huge undertaking. Thankfully, Capitol Relocation & Logistics have been Hartford office movers since 1947. When you’re in need of corporate movers for your Hartford business, there’s only one call you’ll need to make and that’s to Capitol Relocation & Logistics.

The Most Efficient Corporate Moves Start With a Plan

Once you’ve decided that you’re going to move corporate locations, it’s important to develop a plan to handle even the smallest details. At Capitol we’ve worked with countless Hartford, CT businesses going through this exact same process. We utilize a Move Plan to help limit down time and maximize your company’s efficiency throughout the moving process. We understand that downtime can be detrimental for a company – even during an office move. Our corporate movers color code each area of your office building and layout where all of your furniture and equipment will be placed in your new location to prevent any confusion. Your moving coordinator will schedule each phase of the office move based on your company’s availability including packing, loading, transporting as well as installing equipment and furniture in your new location.

Ensuring Your Office Move Goes Smoothly

As mentioned above every piece of equipment and furniture will be given a color tag. Your move coordinator will then give each office location a unique identification code to be placed on color-coordinated labels. This meticulous attention to detail will make unpacking at your new location incredibly easy.

On Moving Day

When moving day is finally here it’s best to leave the details to your Hartford office movers. Try to prevent yourself from wanting to hover over the corporate movers at either your old or new location. Our relocation experts need every bit of space that can be made available to them and therefore it’s best that you just sit back and relax. If we have any questions or concerns during the moving process we’ll reach out to you for direction.

p>In Need of Office Movers?

If you’re in need of office movers look no further than Capitol Relocation & Logistics. We’ve been in business since 1947 and take great pride in our decades of service to the residents of Hartford, CT. If you have any questions about our corporate moving services, don’t hesitate to contact someone from our team today at (860) 579-6377.