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The Importance Of Turnkey Corporate Relocation For New Employees

By Capitol Moving & Storage

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Taking on a new job with new responsibilities can be stressful enough. That stress can be compounded when relocation is involved. Turnkey corporate relocation is a moving option that can address that concern without worry to employees or their employers.

There are benefits to the employee and you, the employer

Moving is a hectic time with trying to find a reputable mover, packing and unpacking, and uprooting from one place to another. It’s easy to get flustered, stressed, and be filled with worry. In a turnkey relocation, the employer hires a service to make the move from start to finish, removing much of the burden of moving and decision making from the new employee.

High quality relocation providers will stay in touch with the new employee through every step of the process. This lets the new hire know there won’t be any unwanted surprises about the move, and with reduced stress, attention can be turned to getting settled in the new environment and preparing for the new job.

You benefit from better cost control and a happier new hire. You are best served when a new employee can be relocated and hit the job running with the least amount of stress possible. With less stress and worry from relocation, your new employee can be productive right from the start.

Why is Capitol Moving and Storage the one to turn to for this turnkey service?

Capitol’s priority is to make the relocation as seamless as possible. Your employee is introduced to the key coordinators at both the origin and destination. A coordinator will follow up with a checklist, survey, and a critique after the move. This ensures that Capitol Moving and Storage gets it done right the first time. We understand what it takes to make relocation a success. Our employees are recognized and rewarded for outstanding achievement, so there is added motivation to making the relocation as positive an experience as possible. Our claim ratios are the best in the industry, so you, the employer, and your new employee can be confident that everything will be completed reliably and smoothly.

Your best move is contacting Capitol Moving and Storage today

To find out more about why a turnkey solution is best for you or to schedule a corporate relocation, contact us by email at or call (860) 579-6377.